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Join  Father and Son
Team Mike and Joey
Perez as they show you
feral hog patterns and
how to find them, core
equipment basics,
proper shot placement,
and exciting footage
from 4 bow, 2 rifle and
1 shotgun hunt!
Where and How To Hunt Wild Boar and Wild Hogs
Wild Hog Hunting shares so many characteristics found in other big game animals. This means that if
you have ever hunted Elk, Moose, Caribou, Deer, Rabbits, Bear or Turkey then you have a leg up on
Boar Hunting.

Lets first define wild hogs as male and female feral pigs and categorize them as European descendants
or domestic mixed bread into a European feral hog. Sows are female hogs of any age above six months
or that have the capability to breed. Pigs are any under that six month age either female or male
(sometimes defined by weight). Boars are breeding age male feral hogs that have left the pack. Another
name for pack would be sounder, which is a large group of hogs and pigs. Adult male wild boars will grow
a shield consisting of cartilage that protects its vitals and can grow to two inches in thickness depending
on age. I personally have skinned a hog with a 1 3/4" of cartilage. I was able to harvest this free ranging
wild boar with a bow and can tell you first hand that your equipment plays as much a vital role in success
as does your tactics.

Elk- Feral Hogs, Pigs and Wild Boar will wallow to keep bugs off and to cool down. Look for the
wallows! Boar, though not as big, share the same difficulty in penetration with rifle, shotgun or bow as
does the elk comparing the shield density of the boar to the massive chest cavity of the elk.

Caribou- Wild Pigs and Wild Hogs are nomadic and will quickly change their home range to find
water as the caribou do with food. Boar, though not as big, share the same difficulty in penetration with
Rifle, Shotgun or Bow as does the caribou comparing the shield of the boar to the massive chest cavity
of the caribou.

Moose- Boar, though not as big, share the same difficulty in penetration with Rifle, Shotgun or Bow as
does the moose comparing the shield of the boar to the massive chest cavity of the Moose. Trophy and
dominant wild boar will mark trees with their bottom teeth known as cutters to mark territory just like
the moose, elk and whitetail deer do with their antlers and bear do with their claws. If you look for the
marks you will find the boars main travel route.

Rabbits- Sounders or lone boars will bed and hold in the thickest pile of tangle the woods has to offer.
Most of the time if well covered like this they will wait until the last moment to break. When still hunting
treat it like having to bust the cover to get them moving just like rabbits.

Turkeys- Hogs, just like turkeys, see in color. Their eye site is horrible and due to their thick necks
they are unable to look straight up. What they lack in eye site they make up in detecting movement just
like a turkey and deer, especially when they are moving and you are ground level.

Bears-This leaves us with how wild boars are associated with bears. The term poor mans bear has
been used for quite some time. One reason is they carry the same names (Boar and Sow). The other is
that trophy boar hunting is arguably ranked just below bear hunting for danger and thrill (in North
America). They also mark trees relatively the same way but with their cutters. The higher the cutter
mark the bigger the boar.

Rifle and shotgun hunting for wild hogs and boar. We recommend a large caliber gun
capable of taking down the largest of boars and being able to penetrate the thickest of shields. Being
from the Upper Midwest I did not have to change much as far as weapons but I did change the types of
ammunition I use for boar hunting. A bonded bullet is key so penetration and absorbed energy is at a

Archery hunting for wild hogs and boar is much more difficult than the deer family of animals.
We recommend a heavy shaft arrows so you get the most kinetic energy possible for a complete pass
through. Along with the shaft we use a heavy fixed blade broad head to offset the shaft weight.
Together we produce consistent pass through shots for better blood trails and easier game retrieval.
Though it reduces the MER (Maximum Effective Range) of the bow, the loss of a mature boar hog
after being shot should be reduced to single digit percentages, something like 1 in 20 with proper shot

Hog Dog Hunting is by far the most exciting form of wild hog and wild boar hunting. The adrenalin
of the dogs opening up and the thrill of finding out what they are baying or catching is like no other form
of hunting. You either use a gun over a bayed hog or when using catch dogs knives are preferred. There
are very few forms of hunting when you can get that personal with a harvest like hog hunting. You can
catch and release feral hogs in some states but Florida specifically states that feral hogs cannot be
released anywhere other than a game farm after they have been caught.

Wild Boar Recipes used with the pork from wild hogs is delicious and can be prepared any way your
store bought meat can be prepared. Leaving the fat on wild hogs is key to the taste. Unlike deer there
is no need to remove the fat. It cooks down just like lard and adds greatly to the taste and produces
stock for some of the best biscuits and gravy you may ever eat.

Good luck hog hunting and enjoy the site. We live to hunt and hunt to live!
Hog Hunting Trips
How Hog Hunting Compares
Hog Hunting Trips are available through Hog Hunting Strategies at the below certified locations. All
locations offer lodging and have exceptional higher than average hog populations. Depending on the
location you have the option of
Archery Hog Hunting, Hog Hunting with Rifles, Spot and Stalk, Safari
Style from swamp buggy,
Hog Hunting at Night and Hog Hunting with Dogs.

Video services available for some locations which include a DVD of your hunt prior to leaving. Full
production services are available which include licensed music, complete production and a digital