Optics For Wild Boar, Wild Pig and Hog Hunting
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Picking the right optics for your AR style rifle specific to hunting is a little tricky. Most information is
on tactical and home defense usage but doesn't focus on the animal. Hogs are mostly going to be a
close shot under 50 yards. Open sights are just not good enough and lack the accuracy at 50 yards
and beyond. The 3 x 9 was a great option but ended up being a little bulky for this gun. I recently
picked up the TruGlo 4 x 32 Illuminated Tactical Compact Rifle Scope. We put a bunch of time in at
the range but now it was time to do a real trial in the field and harvest an animal with our new scope.

I was going for a night hunt and with the illuminated reticle in your choice of red or green, I was
excited for a good night hunt. Though I did not harvest a hog we did get quite the surprise. I heard
from our left a good animal approaching breathing a little harder than what I would consider normal.
Before I go on, the set up was 25 yards from a well used watering hole and on the ground (I prefer
tree stands at night). Temperatures were low 80's and our ThermaCell's were working overtime.
Now the moon had not come up yet and it was dark 30 and you could barley see but you could
make out shadows etc. From our left a very, and when I say very I mean unusually large, big object
on four legs is moving in. I thought we had hogzilla's cousin coming in. I whispered to hit record and
lit him up with our Predator Hunter Outdoor LED light. Looking through the TruGlo scope lit in
green I couldn't believe it. I was starring at a 500lb plus black bear sitting in the watering hole looking
right at me. I was so locked on to him nothing was going to make me stop looking through what now
is the clearest scope I have ever had the pleasure of looking at death through. After what seemed like
20 minutes (maybe 2 minutes) he snorted a couple of times and slowly wondered off. That's how the
night hunt went so view above and see how we broke the scope in on the day hunt. Good luck and
good hunting.