Hog Hunting Strategies (HHS) is based in the heart of Florida,
    arguably the number one hog hunting state in the country. Our
    mission is to introduce the proper equipment and techniques
    necessary to be successful hunting wild hog and wild boar. Every
    product featured on HHS has been field tested and or used regularly
    to produce actual results. It is important to us that wild hog hunting
    & wild boar hunting techniques and strategies are also passed down
    to our younger generation as it builds character, life long skills and
    respect for nature.
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To Fruitful Harvests, Safe Journeys Home,  
Respect to Mother Nature and May God Bless Our
Great Country of the United States of America!
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    BIO:  Mike Perez
    Committed to educating our future generations of youth
    hunters our Lead Hunter and Publisher, Mike Perez,
    has long been associated with Florida Fish & Wildlife
    Commission as a Nuisance Control Hunter/Trapper.
    He has gained an introspective insight into the habitat
    of hogs encroaching on private land and their patterns.  
    This has spawned into a full time commitment of
    ensuring a healthy balance of humans and animals
    sharing our private properties together. Mike was also
    an accomplished White Tail Deer Hunter in Central
    Wisconsin working with the Dept of Natural
    Resources where he assisted local farmers with deer
    depredation hunting before moving to Florida.  

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