How To Hunt  Wild Boars & Feral Hogs with Archery Equipment
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    Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation
    introduces the X-Force® 400, a compact lightweight crossbow specifically designed for
    small framed hunters, or those with limitations, that do not wish to sacrifice
    performance. The X-Force® 400 is a great example of how Carbon Express continually
    demonstrates its desire to design with every customer in mind. The X-Force® 400 has a
    time without causing fatigue or pain and is the perfect crossbow to use when hunting in
    tight places or moving through tight foliage and especially hog hunting archery. A full
    size stock design that features a 5” shorter arrow rail compared to the standard crossbow
    size is the key to making the X-Force® 400 fit the small frame hunter. The heavy duty
    machine cast aluminum riser features dependable limb attachment along with a rugged
    one piece rubber aluminum stirrup resulting in quiet crossbow operation. The One Piece
    Composite Stock Design finished with SilenTech® coating and Mossy Oak® Break Up®
    camouflage pattern allows the hunter to go undetected while in the field. Wrapping up
    this compact crossbow is a 4x32 Deluxe Scope featuring six cross hairs resulting in pin
    point precision accuracy. A quick detach 3 arrow quiver, filled with 3 SurgeTM 20” cross
    bolts rounds out this complete crossbow package. Optional accessories, such as 3
    practice points, rope cocker and rail lubricant, are included so the X-Force® 400 is ready
    to go out of the box. X-Force® 400 Technical Specifications: • 310 Feet Per Second • 85
    Ft Lbs. Of Kinetic Energy • 175 Lbs. Draw Weight • 12” Power Stroke About Carbon
    Express Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer
    Of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for
    hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit www.
    carbonexpressarrows.com, or call 800.241.4833.