How To Hunt  Wild Boars & Wild Hogs with an Electric Cart
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Electric Hunting Vehicles
The preferred method Of travel for Hog Hunting Strategies is electric. Not
prefer to be as quit as possible. You see more game and emit less odor than a
gas or diesel powered vehicle. That makes a big difference when the animals
you hunt have a nose 100 time better than you or I and rely on that and their
hearing to survive in the wild. Wild Boars and Wild Hogs traditionally will
be living in some Of the nastiest places on earth and the best way to get there
through a swamp on a Ranger and be as successful as someone who thinks
like an animal and is quietly walking the last 100-500 yards to those same
places. A good electric cart like EZ-Go, Club Car or a 4x4 like Bad Boy
Buggies will do all you need. It will get you and your gear to where you need
to go so you can find those hogs and deer.
Hog Hunting Strategies
Hog Hunting Strategies
Hog Dogs
Being efficient is the key to any Hog Hunting Management
program and Hog Dog Hunting with golf carts is about as
stealth as it gets. Whether it be bay dogs or a combination
of bay and catch dogs anyone who has done this long
enough knows that a high percentage of the time a bayed
hog will break if it hears humans or sees them. Driving up
in a gas or diesel powered vehicle isn't helping the
situation. Roll up on a electric hunting vehicle and let them
catch dogs go and it's on! Hog Hunting Strategies
consistently out performs the other guys we hunt with. I
would love to say it's our dogs but the fact is we are the
only ones who use golf carts for hunting. This season will
be different because now three of our six crews have
switched to all electric!
Golf Cart for Hunting
Golf cart For Hunting
Golf Cart For Hunting
With every purchase Of a custom Hunter Series Cart you receive a FREE Florida Hog
The Hunter Series golf cart is a very inexpensive way to start
out. Fully wrapped camo, lifted, and custom tires. Available
custom rims, radios and even a winch. You ask and Golf Car
purchase Of a Hunter Series cart from Golf Car Depot.
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Why A Golf Cart For Hunting
HHS Hunter Series cart
Golf Car Depot
Golf Car Depot
Hunter Series Cart