How To Hunt  Wild Boars & Wild Hogs with an Electric Cart
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Electric Hunting Vehicles
Free Hog Hunt
FREE Florida Hog Hunt! When you Purchase a Custom Cart
options are gun scabbards, dog box, mud tires, more lights,
custom rims, radios and even a winch. You ask and Golf Car
Depot will provide. You even get a free hog hunt with a
purchase Of a Hunter Series cart from Golf Car Depot.
Interested in a Bad Boy Buggie. Well Golf Car Depot is also
a Bad Boy dealer and service center just waiting to give you a
test drive. Contact us below to schedule a test drive or
receive more details about our custom Hunter Series carts.
Free Hog Hunt
Free Hog Hunt
Free Hog Hunt
EZGO 2011
48 Volt
  • 6" Lift
  • 22" All Terrain Tire with 10" Rim
  • Rear Flip Seat (Black or Tan)
  • Lights Both front and Rear
  • Tinted Folding Windshield
  • High Speed Approximately 20MPH
  • Mirrors
  • Gun Rack your choice floor or
  • Voltage Meter
  • New battery cables
  • 20+ miles per charge

ONLY $5,750
  • Camo Wheels 10" replaces black
  • Roof Cap in Camo
  • Kenwood Radio and Custom
  • CB or two way radio preprogrammed
  • Custom Steering Wheel
  • Custom Aluminum Dog Box
  • Custom Camo hydro dipping/wrap

Precedent ONLY $5,150