Where and How To Hunt Wild Hogs & Wild Boars with Dogs
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Hog Dog Hunting Florida
Wild Boar Pictures
Interested in Hog Dog Hunting? There is nothing like Hog Dog Hunting for the thrills and
excitement. Once the dogs strike and you hear them bay you know it is on. What is at the
end of that long run is half the fun. A good Hog Dog has a way of sniffing out the big ones
and has the ability to stop a hog so the others can help. Once you get to the bay and get a
glimpse of that possible Trophy Wild Hog I guarantee your heart will start to pound, we call
it Hog Hunting Fever and once you catch it you will want more and more. Now it's time to
release the catch dog or dogs and now it's on! Get in there and grab a leg on that caught hog
roll and stick with your hog hunting knife. A quick and clean harvest if your blade is precise,
less than 10 seconds and it's over. You and your dogs are one working together, this is a
pure form of ancient man working with his companion. This type of hunting is not for
everyone so I salute my
Hog Dog Hunting brothers and sisters and your dogs.

We live to hunt and hunt to live!      

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