Hog Hunting Lights | Hog Hunting at Night
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Hog Hunting Lights
Hog Hunting Strategies has completed our
test and evaluation of three primary
hunting light
companies in the U.S. Our
choice for Best Hog Hunting Lights is
Predator Hunter Outdoors.
Featuring a durable case for easy transport
and storage, ease of use and most important
they do what they say being able to reach
out to two hundred yards for clear shots.
Hog Hunting Strategies has two set ups for
night hunting no matter the rifle. Green Hog
Hunting Lights work best to long distances like
Predator Hunter Outdoors where 200 yards is
easy when combined with a red reticle. Under
100 yards we prefer a Red Hog Hunting Light
with a green reticle for contrast. This method
works really well and you can imagine how
well the target shows up with this kind of
Green Hog Hunting Lights
Hog Hunting  Light Kit
The Night Snipe Ultimate comes with all the attachments you need for their lights to
fit most if not all of your guns. The kit covers Shotguns, Rifle Barrel, Rifle Scope
Mount and my favorite the AR platform offset mount.
With one Hog Hunting Light for your bow and another for your rifle, heck we attached
both to rifles and still can hammer any Hog out to 100 yards with the bow hunting
light. This is the ultimate pair of lights with two sets of rechargeable batteries you are
good for a full night of hunting.

This kit also comes with a pressure switch for each light (which this kit comes with
two). Our favorite set up is the push button switch, maybe because we are so old
school and have been hunting with LED lights for about ten years now. The Predator
Hunter Outdoor Lights feature a first click button which is the lowest setting so not to
spook the game, other lights only have an on or off. Once the target is identified and
ranged you can tap the button a second time to give it full intensity and take your
shot. The competitors lights have a single on off switch which forces you to have
two lights. You will need one that the battery has been worn down some so you do
not spook game and then the other at full charge for when you are ready to shoot.
Predator Hunter Outdoors offers one light and it is the best of both worlds.

Are these lights tough enough for you? We attached the light on an AR 10 308 and
broke the barrel in with 100 shots and then tested our new hog hunting lights without
a flaw. Are you going to get ONE HUNDRED shots at animals at night? I hope you
get 1,000 and you have a Predator Hunter Outdoors light mounted on your hog
hunting rifle or shotgun for each and every shot.
Predator Hunter Outdoors offers
three replacement LED's in this kit and you can also buy extra replacements. We
replaced an LED and changed colors on our lights in less than 1 minute.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!