Hog Hunting Rifle
Windham Weaponry AR 15 M4A4 For Hog Hunting
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AR15 M4A4
Windham Weaponry is one of the
finest weapons I have ever owned.
That says a lot especially because
this is not your average hunting rifle.
We always make sure to field test all
products mentioned on this site. HHS
has been using the AR 15 SRC
M4A4 model since 1st quarter 2012
without even a minor flaw. The finish
is deeper and holds up better than
most other black guns on the market
today. The attention to detail and
fitting of the components has quality
written all over them. It's important to
me that you hear their story as this
should help you understand the
dedication and background that
goes into these rifles. I am sure I can
not do them justice so you can read
their words for yourself.

Windham Weaponry Story
AR 10 308
AR 10 308
Windham Weaponry AR 15 SRC
Windham Weaponry AR 10 SRC 308
AR 10 308
Windham Weaponry AR 10 SRC 308 Review
Windham Weaponry has done it again in the AR 10
308 platform. No doubt that this is not my dad's hog
hunting rifle. Chambered in the .308 this is a smooth
shooting gun out of the box. As much as I would like
to complain I can't , not even about the trigger which
is smooth and has little creep for an AR rifle. This is
a gun that needs to eat ammunition with a
recommended barrel break in of 100 rounds as it is
machined from Chrome Moly Vanadium 11595E
Steel. What does that mean to you the hog hunter is
this gun will probably out last you and your next
generation before the barrel needs to be replaced,
coupled with a lifetime transferable warranty from
Windham Weaponry and you have the complete
gun for those rough Hog Hunting Conditions.

Hog Hunting Strategies prefers a heavy gun for
stability, and as you can see from the video above it
makes a difference for long free hand shots. The
semi-automatic feature also give us quick follow up
shots when needed but be assured a well placed
150 - 168 grain bullet in 308 is more than enough for
any hog or deer you may run across. The adjustable
but stock is a must for us when traveling through
dense cover either still hunting or hog dog hunting.
The ability to attach multiple items, like lights
specifically, is also much more adaptable than
other rifles and with the liberal hunting rules for
invasive species like the Feral Hog you to soon will
be able if not already be hunting at night with lights
in your state.

So our pick for the most versatile, well made, Hog
Hunting rifle is the Windham AR 10 308.

AR 10 308