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Youth HOG Hunting
    youth hunts for deer, turkey, hogs, waterfowl, small game and other species.

    To participate in the Youth Hunting Program Of Florida:
    * Be 12 to 17 years old.
    * Complete and submit the Youth Hunting Program Of Florida Application.
    * Complete the Florida Hunter Safety Program, regardless Of your age, and be able to provide a copy  Of your completion card. Follow this link for a list Of
    Florida Hunter Safety courses in your area.
    * Be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    * Complete a Youth Hunting Program hunting application that lists your choice Of hunts by priority. Youth hunting schedules will be sent to you periodically.
    * Complete the Youth Hunting Program release forms sent to you when you are selected for a youth  hunt.
    * Submit a refundable deposit to secure your position when you are selected for a youth hunt, to insure all youth hunting opportunities are utilized.

    Our Mission:
    The Youth Hunting Program Of Florida was established to increase the number Of youth involved in educational, safe, mentored wildlife and hunting activities
    through the opportunity to participate in the hunting heritage.

    Our Goals:
    * Preserve the hunting heritage in Florida for present and future generations
    * Promote the highest ethical standards in hunting
    * Give our youth an initial, positive, safe, educational mentored hunting experience
    * Teach the basic skills, values, techniques and responsibilities Of hunting
    * Encourage wildlife habitat access, enhancement and management

    On Our Youth Hunts, You Will:
    * Learn how to hunt safely, legally and ethically
    * Develop your marksmanship and firearm skills
    * Learn how to track and process game
    * Learn the relationship between hunting and conservation
    * Appreciate nature first-hand
    * Make new friends
    * Spend quality time with family, friends and other
    experienced hunters
    * Leave with experiences and memories that will last a  

    Volunteers Make It Happen:
    Only through the work and resources Of volunteers can the Youth Hunting Program Of Florida provide thousands Of safe, educational and memorable
    hunting experiences. The program is based on volunteer landowners who graciously open their property up to youth hunting, and other volunteers who plan
    and facilitate the hunts. The Youth Hunting Program Of Florida provides everything for a successful hunt except hunting opportunities and dedicated people.
    To help preserve hunting for future generations, today’s youth must be provided quality hunting experiences. There are many volunteer opportunities for you to
    participate in the Youth Hunting Program.

    How You Can Help:
    Join the Landowner Honor Roll
    Become a Volunteer - (volunteers also need to fill out a Consent for Criminal Background History Check)